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Rapid Van for Rideshare Car & Van Pooling

Happiness Is a Shared Ride

Why fight traffic—and pay all that money—to commute all by yourself? By car or vanpooling, you can share the cost of fuel, upkeep, and parking and even the work of driving, all while cutting pollution and traffic congestion. Visit West Michigan Rideshare for more information on all of our rideshare services.


Want to share a ride? Let us be your matchmaker. Our online rideshare matching program allows you to create a commute profile and match with other people in your area or company who want to carpool.


Share the ride in a RapidVan. Our RapidVan program includes a new(er) minivan, all fuel charges, insurance, carwashes, 24/7fleet management, and all other incidental costs of driving a vehicle. Vanpools require a minimum of four people commuting to work at the same time and from the same general location. Learn more about Rapid Vanpooling on West Michigan Rideshare.