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Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to create, offer, and continuously improve a flexible network of regional public transportation options and mobility solutions.

We envision a future in our growing community in which:

  • Citizens can live conveniently without owning a car.
  • More citizens choose public transportation because it is an easy, economical, and efficient way of getting where they want to go.
  • Employers choose our community because it provides multiple solutions for getting employees to work.
  • Public transit serves as an economic engine.
  • Public transportation is an integral part of the life of every citizen in the region and creates opportunities.
  • Public transportation supports sustainability and economic development.


We carry out our mission based on the following beliefs:

  • Responsibility to all citizens. We believe that communities have a moral and economic obligation to provide transportation alternatives to all citizens.
  • A role in regional development. We believe that the public transportation system plays an important role in shaping regional development patterns and improving the quality of life in our community. A well-designed public transportation system can support an environmentally sustainable future, control urban sprawl by promoting responsible development, increase energy conservation, and reduce traffic congestion.
  • Collaboration. We believe that no single organization can provide all the transportation solutions needed by our citizens. We must build broad-based collaborations to blend a wide variety of transportation options into a flexible and responsive network focused on the needs of every citizen.
  • Responsibility to our customers. We believe that our transportation system should be a customer-oriented enterprise.


We are committed to embodying the following values in how we carry out our mission:

  • Customer service orientation. We will provide service that is convenient, affordable, accessible, timely, and responsive to customer needs.
  • Customer loyalty. We will earn our customers' trust by providing service that is friendly, respectful, safe, and dependable.
  • Employees. We see our employees as the first line of contact with our customers and, therefore, we value our employees as integral to the success of our organization.