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Rider Tools

Our rider tools make riding the bus easier and smarter by removing the guesswork by using the power of GPS and Google Maps to provide real-time information.

System Map

View routes/stops, track bus locations in real time, and see the next three scheduled/estimated departures per stop using the Rapid System Map and corresponding Guide. (738 KB, PDF)

Trip Planner

Enter your starting and ending addresses, then view your trip by quickest route, fewest transfers, or least amount of walking. The Rapid System Map Guide provides more details.

Note: We encourage you to plan your trip in advance. However, actual times may vary due to weather, traffic conditions, or other circumstances. If you have additional questions or need more information, call our Information Line at 616-776-1100.

Route & Stop Finder

There are two ways to find a route and its stops:

  1. Choose a route from the route list and then choose stops from the tab.
  2. Use the Trip Planner tool to enter your starting and ending points and zoom in on route displayed.

See the Guide (738 KB, PDF) if you have questions.

Nearest Stop

Enter an address or click “Use My Current Location” to find stops near you.

Next Bus

Either select a route, direction traveling, and stop, or just enter your stop ID # to find the estimated arrival time of the next bus.

Alerts & Public Service Messages

Receive alerts via email and/or text message (SMS) to keep up-to-date on route information and/or public service messages. Use the Rapid System Map to log in or the Rapid Alert Guide (168 KB, PDF) to sign up.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Call 616-776-1100 for voice-automated bus departure times and stop locations. Our IVR Guide provides additional information.

Additional Resources

Mobile Website

Bookmark on your mobile device browser for responsive display of all the information on our full website formatted for a smaller screen size.

Cost-to-Drive Calculator

Use our helpful cost-to-drive calculator tool to calculate your savings when you ride The Rapid.

Third-Party Apps To Track Your Bus

myStop® Mobile  
You can find the same real-time information as The Rapid System Map in the myStop® Mobile app found in the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store 

Plan your trip, set reminders, and get notifications with the Transit app, available for iOS and Android.

Moovit is your free, local transit planner. Available for iOS, Android, and Windows phones.