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Deboarding the GO!Bus

Tips for Riding GO!Bus

Here are some tips and a few simple rules to make your GO!Bus experience better for you and everyone else who uses it.

Please have the following information ready before you call to schedule your GO!Bus ride: 

  • Date of ride needed
  • Address you are traveling to
  • Pick-up and return times

Please choose a pick-up and drop-off location that allows the GO!Bus operator to not lose sight of the vehicle when providing assistance to or from the door.

We suggest that you write down the day and time of trip when reservation is made.

What type of GO!BUS ride to schedule: 

  • Regular appointment: Return rides are pre-scheduled. Good for when you have scheduled start and end times for an appointment.
  • Will-Call Appointment: Return rides are not pre-scheduled. Good for when you have a medical appointment with no set end time. Once ready for your return ride, call GO!Bus and a bus will be deployed (once available) to your location. Because there is no exact pick-up time frame, you will need to be alert and ready for your ride.

(Note: Ready Early rides are no longer available.)

When you should schedule your GO!Bus ride: 

  • We are available 7-days per week for scheduling
  • No more than 3-days in advance, no later than 4:30 p.m. the day before

While waiting for your ride: 

  • Each scheduled time has a 25-minute pick-up timeframe. Drivers will only wait 5-minutes from the time of arrival (or 5-minutes from beginning of negotiated timeframe if they arrive early).
  • Be ready at your pick-up location at the beginning of your scheduled 25-minute pick-up timeframe.
    • You must be dressed properly at the time of your pick-up, including shoes and shirts.
    • Remember to pack any medications and essentials that you may need in case the trip runs late.
    • Wait in a safe, well-lit location.
  • Still waiting for your ride? Wait until the pick-up time frame ends to place a phone call requesting the status of your ride.

While boarding a GO!Bus:

  • Allow the vehicle come to a complete stop before approaching.
  • Make sure you have the right GO!Bus. If you are departing from a group residence, doctor's office, or any public place, give the operator your name and destination.
  • Have the fare ready—ticket or correct change—when boarding the vehicle.
  • Allow the operator to assist you in boarding the vehicle; ask for special assistance if you need it.
  • Be able to load and unload your own belongings (two grocery size bag limit).

While riding on a GO!Bus:

  • Understand no special requests for specific operators or vehicles can be honored.
  • Take care of all personal belongings; they are your responsibility. Any items found on the vehicle will be returned to base when the route ends for the day. You are responsible for picking up the item at that location during regular business hours (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday).
  • Treat the operator and other passengers with respect and courtesy.
  • Wear seatbelt at all times.
  • Not eat, drink or smoke in the vehicle.
  • Be prepared and able to sit in the vehicle for the shared ride duration.
  • Display no disruptive behavior or you risk suspension.
  • Do not request unscheduled stops.

Go!Bus operators will:

  • Assist the passenger from the ground floor entry door at their place of pick-up to the vehicle and from the vehicle to the ground floor entry door at their destination. Such assistance cannot interfere with the operator being able to maintain sight of the vehicle.
  • Assist wheelchair passengers up/down on step up to 8” in height if it can be done safely, in using the wheelchair lift and in securing the wheelchair to the vehicle.
  • Securely tie down wheelchairs.
  • Not carry passengers’ belongings.
  • Not be required to push wheelchairs through grass, sand, mud, ice or snow, or any other debris.
  • Not be required to do any lifting of the passenger.

If your ride is more than 15 minutes overdue, you can call the GO!Bus office at 616-456-6141 for more information.

Tipping of operators is not required, nor permitted.

Concerns about riders’ responsibilities or GO!Bus service should be directed immediately to the GO!Bus office at 616-456-6141 so that appropriate follow-up action can be taken.

Please also review The Rapid's Rules of Conduct.