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Silver Line

Experience the momentum.

Blurring the line between bus and train.

Experience an innovative, new way of getting around. Feel the momentum of our community beginning to build. With the Silver Line, we're moving in a new direction. Now is your chance to see how quickly we get there. 

The Silver Line is like a light rail system on wheels, transporting commuters north and south on Division Avenue from 60th Street to Michigan Street, looping through the busiest part of Downtown Grand Rapids, while stopping at 34 designated stations. In addition, the Silver Line offers seamless connections to many existing Rapid routes. 

Silver LIne graphic - blurring the line

We've got you covered.

Silver Line stations offer more than just shelter from the elements. Each station features next-bus signage, a sidewalk snowmelt system, camera surveillance, and emergency phones. Most stations also have bike racks.

Silver Line covered bus stations

Raising Expectations

The raised platforms at each Silver Line Station make boarding easy and accessible for everyone. When the vehicle pulls up, both the front and rear doors open to allow for simultaneous boarding and exiting. Because the platforms match the height of the bus, there's no need for a ramp to assist passengers with mobility challenges - there is direct access from the platform to the vehicle.

Silver Line Platform

Making Things Fare

Each Station is equipped with a ticket vending machine (TVM) to purchase fares that can be used on all Rapid fixed routes as well as Silver Line. Silver Line riders pay and validate their fare ahead of time, which allows for faster boarding. Riders with a valid fare simply board the bus when it arrives.

The Rapid takes fare evasion seriously. Learn more about fare evasion and fines.

Transfer to the Silver Line
Have your valid transfer on hand when boarding a Silver Line bus. You can insert the transfer into the validator to see if it is still valid. When asked to provide Silver Line proof of fare payment, show your valid transfer ticket. Transfers must be valid at the time you board.

Connectivity to Other Routes
Silver Line transfers are easy with connections to existing bus routes at various points, including Central Station.

No Fare Zone
The City of Grand Rapids and Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. have partnered with The Rapid to create a No Fare Zone, which encompasses all stations from Wealthy Street northbound.

No fare is required to ride the Silver Line if you enter and exit within the No Fare Zone. If you begin your ride before entering the No Fare Zone and/or exit after leaving the zone, a valid fare is required.

No Fare Zone Map

Silver Line graphic - fares

Bikes on the Bus

All Silver Line buses are equipped with bike racks on the front to accommodate most two-wheeled bicycles, including children's bikes. Learn more about bikes on the bus.

Local Hotspots

Now staying connected is even easier with free Wi-Fi on all Silver Line buses. So grab your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to work, chat, or surf the web while we do the driving.

Read Silver Line Wi-Fi Terms of Use

Silver Line graphic - wifi

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase farecards?

All current ways to purchase farecards can be used to ride Silver Line at TVM’s at Rapid Central Station and all Silver Line Stations.

Farecards available at TVMs: 1-ride, 1-day, 7-day, and 31-day.

How do I use a 1-ride or 10-ride tickets on a Silver Line bus?

The ticket must be validated at a TVM or validator, but preferably the validator to not tie up the TVM for riders making purchases.

How do I use a 1-day, 7-day or 31-day pass on Silver Line?

You must have a valid pass. If it’s a new pass, it must be validated before boarding. If the pass has already been validated, simply board. You can use the TVM or validator to validate the pass or check its status. You only need to validate a pass once, as it will be considered valid until expiration. Be sure to always carry your pass with you while riding the bus.

How do I transfer from another bus to Silver Line?

Have a valid transfer in hand before boarding a Silver Line bus; use a validator to see if transfer is still valid. When asked to provide proof of fare payment on any Silver Line bus, show your valid transfer ticket.

How do I transfer from Silver Line to another route using a cash fare?

The 1-ride ticket you purchased at the TVM acts as a regular transfer. You may use the ticket to make up to 2 transfers in the next 2 hours.

How do I transfer from Silver Line to another route using 1-ride, 2-ride or 10-ride pass?

Validate your farecard prior to boarding a Silver Line bus. When you transfer to the next route, simply present your farecard to the driver, showing a Silver Line validation within the past 2 hours.

How do riders from Kendall, Spectrum Health and GVSU access Silver Line?

Kendall College and Spectrum Health employees must carry a valid Kendall College or Spectrum Health ticket while riding a Silver Line bus. GVSU students must carry a valid GVSU student ID while aboard Silver Line.

How do Calvin and Aquinas students access Silver Line?

Calvin and Aquinas students can purchase full-price tickets at Silver Line Station TVMs or purchase a book of 10 tickets for $9.00 as other students can.

Can I park in the 60th Street Park 'n' Ride lot overnight?

Sharing the same designation as a typical MDOT Park ‘n’ Ride lots, overnight parking is allowed. However, abandoned, immobile, inoperable, improperly registered vehicles or motorcycles or any displaying a For Sale sign will be tagged with a brightly colored sticker which shall serve as a 48-hour notice for towing. If towed, vehicles or motorcycles will be stored at Bud's Wrecker Service (615-452-1476) at the expense of the vehicle owner. 

How do I obtain a permit for the Burton Street Park ‘n’ Ride lot?

To park in the Silver Line authorized spaces at Burton Street Park ‘n’ Ride lot, please visit the Parking Services offices at 50 Ottawa NW to obtain a free parking permit. Please provide Parking Services with a copy of the owner’s registration of the vehicle and contact information. The permit will be valid for a six-month period. After the six-month period you can simply call Parking Services at 616-456-3290 to renew the permit. If you change vehicles/license plates, please contact Parking Services.

Traffic Interaction

During select hours (7 to 9 a.m. and 4 to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday), the right lanes on Division Ave. and Michigan St. are reserved for Silver Line buses and right-turning vehicles only.

All vehicles are allowed to make right turns, enter parking lots, or access on-street parking—but are restricted from travelling in the reserved lane.