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The Rapid

How to Ride The Rapid

Is fear of the unknown keeping you from riding The Rapid? Here's everything you need to know to ride as if you've been doing it all your life.

Find the route(s) and stops you need to make your trip—three easy ways:

  • Use this web site to find your route(s) and stops.
  • Call 776-1100 and choose option one to receive next bus departure times and stop information via the interactive voice response (IVR) automated passenger information system.
  • Speak directly to a Rapid Information Center respresentive at 776-1100 for help.
  • Get on the bus and ask your driver.
  • Check your schedule to see when you should be at your bus stop. Get there a few minutes early. Be sure to plan in advance for the weekend and holiday service.
  • Relax. Enjoy the day. Don't stand too close to the curb. Our highly skilled drivers like to pull up close for your convenience.
  • Some stops serve more than one bus route. So make sure you're getting on the right bus. The route name and number are displayed on the front and side of the bus.
  • Get on the bus. Use the front door. The rear door is for people getting off the bus.
  • Your driver is your friend. If you aren't sure whether you have the right bus—or about anything else—just ask. The Rapid drivers are the nicest people you can meet on a bus.
  • Pay. Just put $1.50 in cash into the fare box. Don't have the right change? The machine will give you a change card you can use to help pay for your next ride.
  • If you need to transfer to a second route, tell your driver as you pay your fare. You'll get a free transfer ticket good for a ride on any other route for the next two hours. Please note, student 10-ride farecards have a transfer time of one hour.
  • Get more information on other convenient ways to pay—monthly passes, 10-ride tickets, qualifying for discounted fares and more.
  • When you're a block or two away from your stop, pull the cord above your seat to signal the driver. (Otherwise he or she will cruise past the stop if no new passengers are waiting there.) If you aren't sure where your stop is, ask your driver for help when you board the bus.
    You have arrived. Exit the bus at the rear and have a great day.

Wheelchairs on The Rapid

All of The Rapid's regular route buses are accessible to individuals with mobility impairments—including those who use wheelchairs—with low floors for level boarding or ramp equipped. 

All GO!Buses comply with ADA vehicle specifications. The current fleet of GO!Bus vehicles is designed to accommodate a wheelchair that is less than 32" wide when measured 2" above the ground, less than 48" long and weighs, together with the passenger, less than 800 lbs. GO!Bus will accommodate wheelchairs that can be safely boarded and transported on Rapid vehicle lifts.

The Rapid is unable to accommodate wheelchairs with dimensions so large they pose a legitimate safety risk (such as a large wheelchair blocking the vehicle aisle, and/or interfering with the safe evacuation from the vehicle in an emergency, and/or too large to allow the lift to work properly.)  The Rapid GO!Bus service makes every attempt to provide service to all ADA qualified individuals who use mobility aids.  

Holiday Service

Buses do not run on the following holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day (July 4th), Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Service runs as scheduled on all other holidays.

Lost and Found

  1. Lost & Found

    Please complete the form below to report a lost item.

    • Be sure to provide a thorough description of the item as well as any identification that might be on or with it.
    • Make sure you include a way for us to reach you (phone number and/or email address) if we locate your item.
    • After 14 days, unclaimed items are donated to charity or destroyed. (All perishable items are disposed of immediately.) If you have any questions, please call The Rapid Lost & Found at 616.776.1100, Monday - Friday from 6:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Personal Information

Route & Schedule Information

Details for Lost & Found items.

Location of Service Request

Service Incident Details

Location of Facility/Shelter

Trip details

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