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Alerts & Detours

  • Rt. #6 SB: Lake Dr. (L) Diamond (R) Fulton (R) Carlton (L) Lake Dr.; Reg. Rt.

    Rt. #6 NB: Lake Dr. (R) Carlton (L) Fulton (L) Diamond (R) Lake Dr.; Reg. Rt.
  • Route 7 may be running behind schedule at times due to the Rt 15 being on detour.
  • Route 7 Westbound Detour
    Scribner, Left on Bridge, Right on Seward, Right on Sixth, Left on Scribner to Regular Route.
  • route 7 detour
    westbound Scribner - (L)bridge - (R)broadway (R) 6th (L) scribner to reg route.
  • Route 11 Detour
    Northbound: Plainfield (R) Northlawn (L) Spring (L) Northwood (R) Plainfield to reg route
    Southbound: Plainfield (L) Northwood (R) Spring (R) Northlawn (L) Plainfield to reg route
  • Detour Route 15 Westbound
    WB: Leonard, R Ball, L Knapp, L Fuller, R Sweet, L Diamond, R Spencer, L College.
  • Route 15 Eastbound Detour
    College, R Spencer, L Diamond, R Sweet, L Fuller, R Knapp, R Ball, L Leonard, Regular route
  • Route 16 NB: From Metro Health, take a left on Health Drive, then a left on Village Drive to regular route
  • 16 SB will be Burton (L) DeHoop (R) Belfield (L) DeHoop to regular route
    16 NB will be DeHoop (R) Belfield (L) DeHoop (R) Burton to regular route
  • Route 16SB detour right now is Burton (L) DeHoop (R) Belfied (L) DeHoop
    Route 16NB detour right now is DeHoop (R) Belfield (L) DeHoop (R) Burton
  • Temporary Detour Rt. 50, 9/22 - 10/08.
    To CHS: Front, L Pearl, R Scribner, R Bridge-Mich, reg route.
    To Kirkhof: Mich-Bridge, L Mr. Vernon, L Front, reg route.