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Freedom of Information Act - FOIA

The Rapid is committed to transparency. As such, the public may request a copy of public records maintained by The Rapid in compliance with the Michigan Freedom of Information Act ("FOIA"), Public Act 442 of 1976. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Where do I send my FOIA request?

What information is needed to make a FOIA request?

The Rapid needs the following information to fulfill your FOIA request:

  • Your contact information (complete name, address, phone number, and (optional email address).
  • Identify the requested documents or information as specifically as possible.
  • The maximum dollar amount that you are willing to pay for this request (or specific explanation for waiver of fees).

You may also print and send our FOIA form (499 KB, PDF).

How quickly must The Rapid respond?

The Rapid will respond within five business days after receiving your request.

More questions?

View our full Summary of FOIA Procedures (171 KB, PDF)