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GO!Bus Wheelchair Compliance

All GO!Buses comply with ADA vehicle specifications. The current fleet of GO!Bus vehicles is designed to accommodate a wheelchair that is less than 32" wide when measured 2" above the ground, less than 48" long and weighs, together with the passenger, less than 800 lbs. GO!Bus will accommodate wheelchairs that can be safely boarded and transported on Rapid vehicle lifts.

The Rapid is unable to accommodate wheelchairs with dimensions so large they pose a legitimate safety risk (such as a large wheelchair blocking the vehicle aisle, and/or interfering with the safe evacuation from the vehicle in an emergency, and/or too large to allow the lift to work properly).  The Rapid GO!Bus service makes every attempt to provide service to all ADA qualified individuals who use mobility aids.  

In fact, all of The Rapid's regular route buses are accessible to individuals with mobility impairments—including those who use wheelchairs—with low floors for level boarding or ramp equipped. For more information, call The Rapid Information Center at 616-776-1100.