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Combined 37/48

Maps & Stops

Status information for this route is displayed for the current day.

Status is shown for a specific direction of each route. Direction can be changed with the selection box, below.

Bus icons on the route show the location of each bus.

Click on a bus to view a text description showing that bus's status (early, on-time, or late), last stop, and status of last update.

Click on a stop (denoted with a dot) to display stop description, stop number, status of next bus (on-time or late), and estimated arrival time.

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    Select a stop to see real-time bus locations.

    Schedules & Transfers

    Download Map & Schedule
    High Tree Apts48 West AptsCampus West AptsPierce at Greek HousingPierce and J LotKirkhof
    5:49 AM5:55 AM5:58 AM6:01 AM6:04 AM6:07 AM
    6:14 AM6:20 AM6:23 AM6:26 AM6:29 AM6:32 AM
    6:39 AM6:45 AM6:48 AM6:51 AM6:54 AM6:57 AM