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Silver Line

Service Alerts

  • Effective Aug. 1, paper transfers and change cards will no longer be provided.
  • Effective Aug. 1, proof of fare payment is required along the entire Silver Line route.

Maps & Stops

Status information for this route is displayed for the current day.

Status is shown for a specific direction of each route. Direction can be changed with the selection box, below.

Click on a stop (denoted with a dot) to display stop description, stop number, status of next bus (on-time or late), and estimated arrival time.

    Download Map & Schedule
    Select a stop to see real-time information.
    For real-time information, select a stop on the left or click on the map.

    Silver Line No Fare Zone

    The City of Grand Rapids and Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. have partnered with The Rapid to create a No Fare Zone, which encompasses all stations from Wealthy Street northbound.

    No fare is required to ride the Silver Line if you enter and exit within the No Fare Zone. If you begin your ride before entering the No Fare Zone and/or exit after leaving the zone, a valid fare is required.

    No Fare Zone Map

    Schedules & Transfers

    Scheduled arrival times of a bus may vary due to traffic conditions, weather, or unforseen events.

    Each row indicates the stop times for a particular bus.


    This table shows all possible transfers. Please refer to the schedule of the route you want to transfer to - not all routes run at all times.

    LocationTransfer to Route(s)
    Central Station1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18
    Monroe & Louis11
    DeVos Place11, 19, 50
    Fulton & Jefferson4, 14, 15
    Mercy Health3
    Wealthy & Division5
    Burton & Division24
    28th St & Division28
    44th St & Division44

    60th Street Station54th Street Station44th Street Station36th Street Station28th Street StationKroc Center StationBurton Street StationCottage Grove StationHall Street StationFranklin Street StationWealthy Street StationMercy Health StationFulton Street StationGRCC / Spectrum StationMedical Mile StationDevos Place StationMonroe / Louis StationCentral Station
    5:33 AM5:34 AM5:37 AM5:40 AM5:43 AM5:44 AM5:46 AM5:47 AM5:49 AM5:51 AM5:52 AM5:54 AM5:55 AM5:57 AM5:59 AM6:01 AM6:02 AM6:06 AM
    5:52 AM5:53 AM5:56 AM5:59 AM6:02 AM6:03 AM6:05 AM6:06 AM6:08 AM6:10 AM6:11 AM6:13 AM6:14 AM6:16 AM6:18 AM6:20 AM6:21 AM6:25 AM
    6:07 AM6:08 AM6:11 AM6:14 AM6:17 AM6:18 AM6:20 AM6:21 AM6:23 AM6:25 AM6:26 AM6:28 AM6:29 AM6:31 AM6:33 AM6:35 AM6:36 AM6:40 AM
    ----------------------------------6:20 AM
    6:22 AM6:23 AM6:26 AM6:29 AM6:32 AM6:33 AM6:35 AM6:36 AM6:38 AM6:40 AM6:41 AM6:43 AM6:44 AM6:46 AM6:48 AM6:50 AM6:51 AM6:55 AM
    6:37 AM6:38 AM6:41 AM6:44 AM6:47 AM6:48 AM6:50 AM6:51 AM6:53 AM6:55 AM6:56 AM6:58 AM6:59 AM7:01 AM7:04 AM7:07 AM7:09 AM7:13 AM
    6:52 AM6:53 AM6:56 AM6:59 AM7:02 AM7:03 AM7:05 AM7:06 AM7:08 AM7:10 AM7:11 AM7:13 AM7:16 AM7:18 AM7:21 AM7:24 AM7:26 AM7:30 AM
    7:07 AM7:08 AM7:11 AM7:14 AM7:17 AM7:18 AM7:20 AM7:21 AM7:23 AM7:25 AM7:26 AM7:28 AM7:31 AM7:33 AM7:36 AM7:39 AM7:41 AM7:45 AM
    7:22 AM7:23 AM7:26 AM7:29 AM7:32 AM7:33 AM7:35 AM7:36 AM7:38 AM7:40 AM7:41 AM7:43 AM7:46 AM7:48 AM7:51 AM7:54 AM7:56 AM8:00 AM
    7:37 AM7:38 AM7:41 AM7:44 AM7:47 AM7:48 AM7:50 AM7:51 AM7:53 AM7:55 AM7:56 AM7:58 AM8:01 AM8:03 AM8:06 AM8:09 AM8:11 AM8:15 AM
    7:52 AM7:53 AM7:56 AM7:59 AM8:02 AM8:03 AM8:05 AM8:06 AM8:08 AM8:10 AM8:11 AM8:13 AM8:16 AM8:18 AM8:21 AM8:24 AM8:26 AM8:30 AM
    8:07 AM8:08 AM8:11 AM8:14 AM8:17 AM8:18 AM8:20 AM8:21 AM8:23 AM8:25 AM8:26 AM8:28 AM8:31 AM8:33 AM8:36 AM8:39 AM8:41 AM8:45 AM
    8:22 AM8:23 AM8:26 AM8:29 AM8:32 AM8:33 AM8:35 AM8:36 AM8:38 AM8:40 AM8:41 AM8:43 AM8:46 AM8:48 AM8:51 AM8:54 AM8:56 AM9:00 AM
    8:37 AM8:38 AM8:41 AM8:44 AM8:47 AM8:48 AM8:50 AM8:51 AM8:53 AM8:55 AM8:56 AM8:58 AM9:01 AM9:03 AM9:06 AM9:09 AM9:11 AM9:15 AM
    8:52 AM8:53 AM8:56 AM8:59 AM9:02 AM9:03 AM9:05 AM9:06 AM9:08 AM9:10 AM9:11 AM9:13 AM9:16 AM9:18 AM9:21 AM9:24 AM9:26 AM9:30 AM
    9:07 AM9:08 AM9:11 AM9:14 AM9:17 AM9:18 AM9:20 AM9:21 AM9:23 AM9:25 AM9:26 AM9:28 AM9:31 AM9:33 AM9:36 AM9:39 AM9:41 AM9:45 AM
    9:22 AM9:23 AM9:26 AM9:29 AM9:32 AM9:33 AM9:35 AM9:36 AM9:38 AM9:40 AM9:41 AM9:43 AM9:46 AM9:48 AM9:51 AM9:54 AM9:56 AM10:00 AM
    9:37 AM9:38 AM9:41 AM9:44 AM9:47 AM9:48 AM9:50 AM9:51 AM9:53 AM9:55 AM9:56 AM9:58 AM10:01 AM10:03 AM10:06 AM10:09 AM10:11 AM10:15 AM
    9:52 AM9:53 AM9:56 AM9:59 AM10:02 AM10:03 AM10:05 AM10:06 AM10:08 AM10:10 AM10:11 AM10:13 AM10:16 AM10:18 AM10:21 AM10:24 AM10:26 AM10:30 AM
    10:07 AM10:08 AM10:11 AM10:14 AM10:17 AM10:18 AM10:20 AM10:21 AM10:23 AM10:25 AM10:26 AM10:28 AM10:31 AM10:33 AM10:36 AM10:39 AM10:41 AM10:45 AM
    10:22 AM10:23 AM10:26 AM10:29 AM10:32 AM10:33 AM10:35 AM10:36 AM10:38 AM10:40 AM10:41 AM10:43 AM10:46 AM10:48 AM10:51 AM10:54 AM10:56 AM11:00 AM
    10:37 AM10:38 AM10:41 AM10:44 AM10:47 AM10:48 AM10:50 AM10:51 AM10:53 AM10:55 AM10:56 AM10:58 AM11:01 AM11:03 AM11:06 AM11:09 AM11:11 AM11:15 AM
    10:52 AM10:53 AM10:56 AM10:59 AM11:02 AM11:03 AM11:05 AM11:06 AM11:08 AM11:10 AM11:11 AM11:13 AM11:16 AM11:18 AM11:21 AM11:24 AM11:26 AM11:30 AM
    11:07 AM11:08 AM11:11 AM11:14 AM11:17 AM11:18 AM11:20 AM11:21 AM11:23 AM11:25 AM11:26 AM11:28 AM11:31 AM11:33 AM11:36 AM11:39 AM11:41 AM11:45 AM
    11:22 AM11:23 AM11:26 AM11:29 AM11:32 AM11:33 AM11:35 AM11:36 AM11:38 AM11:40 AM11:41 AM11:43 AM11:46 AM11:48 AM11:51 AM11:54 AM11:56 AM12:00 PM
    11:37 AM11:38 AM11:41 AM11:44 AM11:47 AM11:48 AM11:50 AM11:51 AM11:53 AM11:55 AM11:56 AM11:58 AM12:01 PM12:03 PM12:06 PM12:09 PM12:11 PM12:15 PM
    11:52 AM11:53 AM11:56 AM11:59 AM12:02 PM12:03 PM12:05 PM12:06 PM12:08 PM12:10 PM12:11 PM12:13 PM12:16 PM12:18 PM12:21 PM12:24 PM12:26 PM12:30 PM
    12:07 PM12:08 PM12:11 PM12:14 PM12:17 PM12:18 PM12:20 PM12:21 PM12:23 PM12:25 PM12:26 PM12:28 PM12:31 PM12:33 PM12:36 PM12:39 PM12:41 PM12:45 PM
    12:22 PM12:23 PM12:26 PM12:29 PM12:32 PM12:33 PM12:35 PM12:36 PM12:38 PM12:40 PM12:41 PM12:43 PM12:46 PM12:48 PM12:51 PM12:54 PM12:56 PM1:00 PM
    12:37 PM12:38 PM12:41 PM12:44 PM12:47 PM12:48 PM12:50 PM12:51 PM12:53 PM12:55 PM12:56 PM12:58 PM1:01 PM1:03 PM1:06 PM1:09 PM1:11 PM1:15 PM
    12:52 PM12:53 PM12:56 PM12:59 PM1:02 PM1:03 PM1:05 PM1:06 PM1:08 PM1:10 PM1:11 PM1:13 PM1:16 PM1:18 PM1:21 PM1:24 PM1:26 PM1:30 PM
    1:07 PM1:08 PM1:11 PM1:14 PM1:17 PM1:18 PM1:20 PM1:21 PM1:23 PM1:25 PM1:26 PM1:28 PM1:31 PM1:33 PM1:36 PM1:39 PM1:41 PM1:45 PM
    1:22 PM1:23 PM1:26 PM1:29 PM1:32 PM1:33 PM1:35 PM1:36 PM1:38 PM1:40 PM1:41 PM1:43 PM1:46 PM1:48 PM1:51 PM1:54 PM1:56 PM2:00 PM
    1:37 PM1:38 PM1:41 PM1:44 PM1:47 PM1:48 PM1:50 PM1:51 PM1:53 PM1:55 PM1:56 PM1:58 PM2:01 PM2:03 PM2:06 PM2:09 PM2:11 PM2:15 PM
    1:52 PM1:53 PM1:56 PM1:59 PM2:02 PM2:03 PM2:05 PM2:06 PM2:08 PM2:10 PM2:11 PM2:13 PM2:16 PM2:18 PM2:21 PM2:24 PM2:26 PM2:30 PM
    2:07 PM2:08 PM2:11 PM2:14 PM2:17 PM2:18 PM2:20 PM2:21 PM2:23 PM2:25 PM2:26 PM2:28 PM2:31 PM2:33 PM2:36 PM2:39 PM2:41 PM2:45 PM
    2:22 PM2:23 PM2:26 PM2:29 PM2:32 PM2:33 PM2:35 PM2:36 PM2:38 PM2:40 PM2:41 PM2:43 PM2:46 PM2:48 PM2:51 PM2:54 PM2:56 PM3:00 PM
    2:37 PM2:38 PM2:41 PM2:44 PM2:47 PM2:48 PM2:50 PM2:51 PM2:53 PM2:55 PM2:56 PM2:58 PM3:01 PM3:03 PM3:06 PM3:09 PM3:11 PM3:15 PM
    2:52 PM2:53 PM2:56 PM2:59 PM3:02 PM3:03 PM3:05 PM3:06 PM3:08 PM3:10 PM3:11 PM3:13 PM3:16 PM3:18 PM3:21 PM3:24 PM3:26 PM3:30 PM
    3:07 PM3:08 PM3:11 PM3:14 PM3:17 PM3:18 PM3:20 PM3:21 PM3:23 PM3:25 PM3:26 PM3:28 PM3:31 PM3:33 PM3:36 PM3:39 PM3:41 PM3:45 PM
    3:22 PM3:23 PM3:26 PM3:29 PM3:32 PM3:33 PM3:35 PM3:36 PM3:38 PM3:40 PM3:41 PM3:43 PM3:46 PM3:48 PM3:51 PM3:54 PM3:56 PM4:00 PM
    3:37 PM3:38 PM3:41 PM3:44 PM3:47 PM3:48 PM3:50 PM3:51 PM3:53 PM3:55 PM3:56 PM3:58 PM4:01 PM4:03 PM4:06 PM4:09 PM4:11 PM4:15 PM
    3:52 PM3:53 PM3:56 PM3:59 PM4:02 PM4:03 PM4:05 PM4:06 PM4:08 PM4:10 PM4:11 PM4:13 PM4:16 PM4:18 PM4:21 PM4:24 PM4:26 PM4:30 PM
    4:07 PM4:08 PM4:11 PM4:14 PM4:17 PM4:18 PM4:20 PM4:21 PM4:23 PM4:25 PM4:26 PM4:28 PM4:31 PM4:33 PM4:36 PM4:39 PM4:41 PM4:45 PM
    4:22 PM4:23 PM4:26 PM4:29 PM4:32 PM4:33 PM4:35 PM4:36 PM4:38 PM4:40 PM4:41 PM4:43 PM4:46 PM4:48 PM4:51 PM4:54 PM4:56 PM5:00 PM
    4:37 PM4:38 PM4:41 PM4:44 PM4:47 PM4:48 PM4:50 PM4:51 PM4:53 PM4:55 PM4:56 PM4:58 PM5:01 PM5:03 PM5:06 PM5:09 PM5:11 PM5:15 PM
    4:52 PM4:53 PM4:56 PM4:59 PM5:02 PM5:03 PM5:05 PM5:06 PM5:08 PM5:10 PM5:11 PM5:13 PM5:16 PM5:18 PM5:21 PM5:24 PM5:26 PM5:30 PM
    5:07 PM5:08 PM5:11 PM5:14 PM5:17 PM5:18 PM5:20 PM5:21 PM5:23 PM5:25 PM5:26 PM5:28 PM5:31 PM5:33 PM5:36 PM5:39 PM5:41 PM5:45 PM
    5:22 PM5:23 PM5:26 PM5:29 PM5:32 PM5:33 PM5:35 PM5:36 PM5:38 PM5:40 PM5:41 PM5:43 PM5:46 PM5:48 PM5:51 PM5:54 PM5:56 PM6:00 PM
    5:37 PM5:38 PM5:41 PM5:44 PM5:47 PM5:48 PM5:50 PM5:51 PM5:53 PM5:55 PM5:56 PM5:58 PM6:01 PM6:03 PM6:06 PM6:09 PM6:11 PM6:15 PM
    5:52 PM5:53 PM5:56 PM5:59 PM6:02 PM6:03 PM6:05 PM6:06 PM6:08 PM6:10 PM6:11 PM6:13 PM6:16 PM6:18 PM6:21 PM6:24 PM6:26 PM6:30 PM
    6:07 PM6:08 PM6:11 PM6:14 PM6:17 PM6:18 PM6:20 PM6:21 PM6:23 PM6:25 PM6:26 PM6:28 PM6:31 PM6:33 PM6:36 PM6:39 PM6:41 PM6:45 PM
    6:22 PM6:23 PM6:26 PM6:29 PM6:32 PM6:33 PM6:35 PM6:36 PM6:38 PM6:40 PM6:41 PM6:43 PM6:46 PM6:48 PM6:51 PM6:54 PM6:56 PM7:00 PM
    6:37 PM6:38 PM6:41 PM6:44 PM6:47 PM6:48 PM6:50 PM6:51 PM6:53 PM6:55 PM6:56 PM6:58 PM7:01 PM7:03 PM7:06 PM7:09 PM7:11 PM7:15 PM
    6:52 PM6:53 PM6:56 PM6:59 PM7:02 PM7:03 PM7:05 PM7:06 PM7:08 PM7:10 PM7:11 PM7:13 PM7:16 PM7:18 PM7:21 PM7:24 PM7:26 PM7:30 PM
    7:22 PM7:23 PM7:26 PM7:29 PM7:32 PM7:33 PM7:35 PM7:36 PM7:38 PM7:40 PM7:41 PM7:43 PM7:46 PM7:48 PM7:51 PM7:54 PM7:56 PM8:00 PM
    7:52 PM7:53 PM7:56 PM7:59 PM8:02 PM8:03 PM8:05 PM8:06 PM8:08 PM8:10 PM8:11 PM8:13 PM8:16 PM8:18 PM8:21 PM8:24 PM8:26 PM8:30 PM
    8:22 PM8:23 PM8:26 PM8:29 PM8:32 PM8:33 PM8:35 PM8:36 PM8:38 PM8:40 PM8:41 PM8:43 PM8:46 PM8:48 PM8:51 PM8:54 PM8:56 PM9:00 PM
    8:52 PM8:53 PM8:56 PM8:59 PM9:02 PM9:03 PM9:05 PM9:06 PM9:08 PM9:10 PM9:11 PM9:13 PM9:14 PM9:16 PM9:18 PM9:20 PM9:21 PM9:25 PM
    9:22 PM9:23 PM9:26 PM9:29 PM9:32 PM9:33 PM9:35 PM9:36 PM9:38 PM9:40 PM9:41 PM9:43 PM9:44 PM9:46 PM9:48 PM9:50 PM9:51 PM9:55 PM