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The Rapid

Bicycles on The Rapid

Take the bus and your bike too!

All Rapid buses are equipped with a double-loading bike rack on the front of each bus. Most two-wheeled bicycles, including children's bikes, will fit on these special racks. Ride your bike to your bus stop, access local bike trails, combine your commute — the freedom is yours. No more spinning your wheels. Now you can take the bus...and your bike too!

How to use the bike racks

  • Before loading your bike, be sure all loose items are secured or removed.
  • When the bus stops, walk your bike to the front of the bus. Keep toward the curb-side of the street — stay out of the way of traffic.
  • Lift the handle to release the rack and lower it into the down position. Listen for the click to make sure it locks in place.
  • Place the front tire of your bike in the position marked "FRONT TIRE" and slip your rear tire into the back slot.
  • Lift the spring-loaded arm over the front tire — your bike is now loaded. Just board the bus!

Rules to remember

  • You are responsible for loading and unloading your own bike. The drivers are not able to assist you.
  • There is no additional fare for using the racks.
  • If you are the first bike on the bus, please use the inner rack (the one closest to the front of the bus) so that the outer rack remains accessible for other cyclists.
  • The Rapid is not liable for any damage caused to bikes or bike accessories that are transported.
  • Bikes left on the bus and not reclaimed within 30 days may be donated to local charities.
  • To unload your bike, just follow above directions in reverse. Remember to unhook the spring-loaded arm before removing your bike. If yours is the only bike in the rack, please raise the rack into the upright position and make sure it locks.

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