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There's More to The Ride

How public transportation helps build strong communities

The Rapid provides more than just transportation. It also creates opportunities and enriches lives. From being a key driver of economic development to reducing traffic congestion and greenhouse gases, The Rapid not only benefits those who ride it,

but everyone who lives or works within the communities we serve. Take a few minutes and explore the stories of our neighbors, family and friends whose lives have been impacted by the power of public transportation.

Rider Stories

Business grows where The Rapid goes.

Businesses see growth along The Rapid's routes

Even if you don’t ride the bus, a strong public transportation system like the Rapid is vital to keep our communities moving forward.

Brad's Story

Living life to its fullest

If he didn’t have The Rapid, Brad would be homebound. But instead, he is able to experience everything Grand Rapids has to offer.

Fr. Mark's Story

Connected communities are stronger communities

Father Mark has faith in The Rapid and its power to make the community stronger by opening it up to everyone.

Danielle & Turner

Focusing on a Family's Future

Like many couples, Turner and Danielle have their differences, but they both agree that they want a bright future for their growing family, and saving money with The Rapid is just the beginning.

Joel and his sister, Kandace

Finding possibilities

Joel’s autism presents unique challenges, but through the support of his family and his ability to be independent, Joel is able to do so much more.

Irene and her family

Believing in community

Irene wants her son to grow up in a world with strong communities. When they ride The Rapid, she is reminded just how important it is to be connected.

Kandace’s story

Focusing on patients

Kandace works hard as a physician assistant taking care of patients every day. When she rides The Rapid, she finds she has the time to focus on the day ahead.

Ken’s story

Creating opportunity

Ken dreams of someday owning his own startup, but that doesn’t stop him from helping others with their dreams.

Every rider has a story

We want to hear yours. Tell us why you ride The Rapid, and maybe you could be featured in a story.