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The Rapid is committed to providing all passengers with safe, convenient and comfortable service that is accessible and usable by seniors and people with disabilities. In keeping with this commitment and the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, our buses and stations have accessibility features that help make traveling easier for everyone. Review a notification of your rights under the ADA.

All of The Rapid's customer information is available in accessible formats upon request. 

Wheelchairs and Other Mobility Aids

A “mobility aid” means a device, such as a wheelchair or scooter, designed for and used by an individual with a disability for the purpose of mobility, not for convenience only. Persons with mobility disabilities may use other aids to assist with locomotion such as canes, crutches, and walkers. These devices will be accommodated on the same basis as wheelchairs.

Persons with mobility disabilities may use devices other than wheelchairs to assist with locomotion. Canes, crutches, and walkers, for example, are often used by people whose mobility disabilities do not require the use of a wheelchair. These devices must be accommodated on the same basis as wheelchairs.

All of The Rapid’s buses, including the Silver Line, are accessible for mobility aids, such as wheelchairs, electric scooters, walkers, and crutches. Bus operators are trained to assist customers with disabilities boarding or exiting the vehicle.


The Rapid has established a policy requiring passengers to allow their wheelchairs to be secured to the bus.  The use of the shoulder harness and seat belt for wheelchair users is encouraged, but not required.  Their purpose is to provide accessibility for persons with disabilities by preventing the passenger’s mobility device from moving around inside the vehicle under normal operating conditions.

Hoverboards are not an approved ADA mobility device and not allowed on our buses.

Ramps & Kneeling

Regular fixed-route Rapid buses are low-floor vehicles equipped with ramps for wheelchair and mobility aid access and kneeling features that lower the bus to make it easier to board and de-board.

Priority Seating

Customers using a wheelchair must use the designated securement area. The bus operator may ask passengers without disabilities to move from priority seating to board a customer using a wheelchair or a person with a disability. However, the operator cannot require them to move which may prevent the individual in a mobility device from riding. 

Service Animals

We welcome service animals on The Rapid. You are not required to provide any verification for your service animal; however, operators may inquire what task the service animal provides assistance for you due to a disability. If you are traveling with a pet, then it must travel in a pet carrier.

Strollers and Wheeled Carts

Strollers and wheeled carts are permitted on the buses. For the safety of everyone, strollers and carts must be collapsed and placed between the seats, keeping the aisle and back door clear.

Customers are allowed to board the bus with children in strollers but should exercise caution and need to have the child out of the stroller, folded, and stored out of the aisle before the bus moves.

Small children with disabilities may be left in a stroller designed as a mobility device if it is secured to the bus. The Rapid recommends that such devices face the rear of the bus to reduce injury in the event of a hard stop or collision.

In addition, operators shall lower ramps for passengers with strollers and seniors with folding shopping carts or walkers upon request.

Luggage & Carts

Luggage, bags, and backpacks with wheels are permitted on buses. Please make sure these items don’t block the aisle or doorways. If a customer boards with a wagon, it must be unloaded, able to be folded up and kept out of the aisle or doorways.

Travel Training

Learn how to use public transportation and travel independently through our Travel Training program. The Rapid offers Travel Training at no cost, designed to help those who may require further assistance before riding our buses.