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The Rapid

Route 6 : Eastown/Woodland Eastown/Woodland

Service Alerts
  • Detour Route 6.
    NB: Ottawa, R Fulton, L Market, L Cherry to Central Station.
Schedule & Transfers

Scheduled arrival times of a bus may vary due to traffic conditions, weather, or unforeseen events.

Each row indicates the stop times for a particular bus.

Download Map and Schedule

This table shows all possible transfers. Please refer to the schedule of the route you want to transfer to - not all routes run at all times.

LocationTransfer to Route(s)
Central Station1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 50
Breton & Burton5, 24
Woodland Mall5, 17, 24, 28, 44
Maps & Stops
Woodland MallBurton & BretonLake Dr & BretonLake Dr & WealthyLake Dr & EasternDivision & LyonCentral Station
5:01 AM5:11 AM5:16 AM5:20 AM5:24 AM5:29 AM5:35 AM
5:31 AM5:41 AM5:46 AM5:50 AM5:54 AM5:59 AM6:05 AM
5:46 AM5:56 AM6:01 AM6:05 AM6:09 AM6:14 AM6:20 AM
6:01 AM6:11 AM6:16 AM6:20 AM6:24 AM6:29 AM6:35 AM
6:16 AM6:26 AM6:31 AM6:35 AM6:39 AM6:44 AM6:50 AM
6:31 AM6:41 AM6:46 AM6:50 AM6:54 AM6:59 AM7:05 AM
6:46 AM6:56 AM7:01 AM7:05 AM7:09 AM7:14 AM7:20 AM
7:01 AM7:11 AM7:16 AM7:20 AM7:24 AM7:29 AM7:35 AM
7:16 AM7:26 AM7:31 AM7:35 AM7:39 AM7:44 AM7:50 AM
7:31 AM7:41 AM7:46 AM7:50 AM7:54 AM7:59 AM8:05 AM
7:46 AM7:56 AM8:01 AM8:05 AM8:09 AM8:14 AM8:20 AM
8:01 AM8:11 AM8:16 AM8:20 AM8:24 AM8:29 AM8:35 AM
8:16 AM8:26 AM8:31 AM8:35 AM8:39 AM8:44 AM8:50 AM
8:31 AM8:41 AM8:46 AM8:50 AM8:54 AM8:59 AM9:05 AM
9:01 AM9:11 AM9:16 AM9:20 AM9:24 AM9:29 AM9:35 AM
9:31 AM9:41 AM9:46 AM9:50 AM9:54 AM9:59 AM10:05 AM
10:01 AM10:11 AM10:16 AM10:20 AM10:24 AM10:29 AM10:35 AM
10:31 AM10:41 AM10:46 AM10:50 AM10:54 AM10:59 AM11:05 AM
11:01 AM11:11 AM11:16 AM11:20 AM11:24 AM11:29 AM11:35 AM
11:31 AM11:41 AM11:46 AM11:50 AM11:54 AM11:59 AM12:05 PM
12:01 PM12:11 PM12:16 PM12:20 PM12:24 PM12:29 PM12:35 PM
12:31 PM12:41 PM12:46 PM12:50 PM12:54 PM12:59 PM1:05 PM
1:01 PM1:11 PM1:16 PM1:20 PM1:24 PM1:29 PM1:35 PM
1:31 PM1:41 PM1:46 PM1:50 PM1:54 PM1:59 PM2:05 PM
2:01 PM2:11 PM2:16 PM2:20 PM2:24 PM2:29 PM2:35 PM
2:31 PM2:41 PM2:46 PM2:50 PM2:54 PM2:59 PM3:05 PM
3:01 PM3:11 PM3:16 PM3:20 PM3:24 PM3:29 PM3:35 PM
3:16 PM3:26 PM3:31 PM3:35 PM3:39 PM3:44 PM3:50 PM
3:31 PM3:41 PM3:46 PM3:50 PM3:54 PM3:59 PM4:05 PM
3:46 PM3:56 PM4:01 PM4:05 PM4:09 PM4:14 PM4:20 PM
4:01 PM4:11 PM4:16 PM4:20 PM4:24 PM4:29 PM4:35 PM
4:16 PM4:26 PM4:31 PM4:35 PM4:39 PM4:44 PM4:50 PM
4:31 PM4:41 PM4:46 PM4:50 PM4:54 PM4:59 PM5:05 PM
4:46 PM4:56 PM5:01 PM5:05 PM5:09 PM5:14 PM5:20 PM
5:01 PM5:11 PM5:16 PM5:20 PM5:24 PM5:29 PM5:35 PM
5:16 PM5:26 PM5:31 PM5:35 PM5:39 PM5:44 PM5:50 PM
5:31 PM5:41 PM5:46 PM5:50 PM5:54 PM5:59 PM6:05 PM
5:46 PM5:56 PM6:01 PM6:05 PM6:09 PM6:14 PM6:20 PM
6:01 PM6:11 PM6:16 PM6:20 PM6:24 PM6:29 PM6:35 PM
6:31 PM6:41 PM6:46 PM6:50 PM6:54 PM6:59 PM7:05 PM
7:01 PM7:11 PM7:16 PM7:20 PM7:24 PM7:29 PM7:35 PM
7:31 PM7:41 PM7:46 PM7:50 PM7:54 PM7:59 PM8:05 PM
8:01 PM8:11 PM8:16 PM8:20 PM8:24 PM8:29 PM8:35 PM
8:31 PM8:41 PM8:46 PM8:50 PM8:54 PM8:59 PM9:05 PM
9:01 PM9:11 PM9:16 PM9:20 PM9:24 PM9:29 PM9:35 PM
9:31 PM9:41 PM9:46 PM9:50 PM9:54 PM9:59 PM10:05 PM
10:01 PM10:11 PM10:16 PM10:20 PM10:24 PM10:29 PM10:35 PM
10:31 PM10:41 PM10:46 PM10:50 PM10:54 PM10:59 PM11:05 PM
11:01 PM11:11 PM11:16 PM11:20 PM11:24 PM11:29 PM11:35 PM
11:31 PM11:41 PM11:46 PM11:50 PM11:54 PM11:59 PM12:05 AM
12:01 AM12:11 AM12:16 AM12:20 AM12:24 AM12:29 AM12:35 AM

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