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The Rapid

Travel Training

The Rapid offers programs designed to help those who need some extra assistance in using the bus.

One-On-One Travel Training 

Our Travel Training Program offers short-term, individualized instruction to teach seniors or people with disabilities how to travel safely and independently using public transportation. The travel trainer plans the passenger's route, rides with him or her during training, and stays in contact with the passenger to monitor progress.

Group Travel Training: Bus 101

This specialized travel training presentation is an overview of Rapid services focusing on fixed route use. Learn the benefits and advantages of active transportation while receiving travel training information tailored to your needs as a rider. Bus 101 is designed to assist individuals new to independent travel options or those who support them to help "learn the ropes." The group travel training can include an actual trip for groups under 25 or a presentation at the location of their choice. 

Senior Mentors

Senior Mentors is an exciting opportunity for seniors to stay active and mobile. Our Rapid Senior Mentor Program pairs an experienced volunteer with any senior who may be new to using fixed route service. Through the guidance of our volunteer mentors, new senior passengers learn how easy and safe riding the bus locally can be. The mentor provides all the information, plans the route to a destination of the passenger's choosing, and even travels with the new passenger. The mentor also gives the participant a free 10-ride fare card to start his or her bus travels.

Vehicle Familiarization

This program is for individuals who may be new to a mobility device. We provide information and practical experience boarding Rapid fixed route buses. This training takes place when the vehicles are not in service.

All of our route service buses are lift equipped (accessible). Central Station is a comfortable safe place to transfer with security staff and an indoor waiting area. Seniors pay just 75 cents to ride the bus. Door-to-door senior transportation can cost $7.00 or more each way!

All training programs are free to participants, including free rides during training. For more information on any of these free services or to set up an appointment, call the Travel Training office at (616) 456-7514 or contact Sarah Green .



Senior Mentors

Senior Mentors

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