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The Rapid offers a variety of digital resources to make riding with us simpler, friendlier, and smarter than ever before. Rapid Connect, The Rapid's GPS-powered rider tools, provide access to real-time information to put you in control of your transit needs.

RapidConnect Real-Time Passenger Information System Map

The Rapid’s system map just became even smarter thanks to the additional real-time information capabilities. By visiting the system map, you can now view routes and stops, track the location of buses in real time, and see the next three scheduled and estimated departures per stops. The RapidConnect system map also allows you to plan trips, set route alerts, and view public service messages.

Rapid Connect System Map Guide (738 KB, PDF)

Trip Planning

The RapidConnect Trip Planner shows you step-by-step how to reach your destination within our service area. Just share where you’re starting and where you’re going, and your trip will be planned using the Google Maps interface. You can also customize whether you would like take the quickest trip, walk less, or have fewer transfers.

Download the RapidConnect System Map Guide (726 KB, PDF) for more details about using the trip planner feature.

We strongly encourage planning your trip in advance as not all routes run on all days and times. If you have additional questions or need more information, please call our Information Line at 776-1100. Actual times can vary due to weather, traffic conditions, or other circumstances. Please allow extra time.

myStop iOS App myStop Logo

Calling all iPhone users! This application showcases the same real-time information and features as The Rapid system map, just in iPhone app form. You can find this app in the iOS App Store.

myStop is currently not available as an Android application. 

App Store

myStop iOS App Guide (508 KB, PDF)

Mobile Website

Accessing all that our website has to offer is easy on your mobile device thanks to our mobile site: Bookmark this site on your mobile browser to find out Next Bus real-time information, search for the nearest stop, or view other important Rapid information. 

Route & Stop Finder

Finding your route and according stops is easier than ever before thanks to the new Rapid Connect passenger information system map. Once you choose a route or routes from the route list, you’ll be able to view the stops and real-time bus information.

Download the guide for finding stops using RapidConnect (641 KB, PDF)

Alerts & Public Service Messages

Signing up to receive alerts via email and/or text message (SMS) is an easy way to have your route information and our public service messages delivered directly to the place you prefer. Sign up for Rapid Connect alerts by visiting the Rapid Connect System Map and signing up or logging in. There’s a variety of alert options to please every Rapid rider.

RapidConnect Alert Guide (168 KB, PDF)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Next bus departure times and stop information is now just a phone call away. IVR is an automated passenger information system accessed by calling 616-776-1100. Choose automated real-time information to receive bus departure information for a stop and/or departures in the future, as well as Rapid public service messages. If you’re unsure of your stop identification number, you can also search time points by route.

RapidConnect IVR Guide (139 KB, PDF)

Cost-to-Drive Calculator

Want to know if riding The Rapid saves money compared to driving your car? Use the handy calculator and find out how little it really costs—or how much it actually saves—to ride.

Third-Party Apps

The following mobile apps feature The Rapid's real-time information to allow you to plan trips and track your bus.

Transit App
Transit App



iOS, Android, and Windows Phone



Transit Directions App
Transit ~ Directions with Public Transportation
Compatible with voiceover for individuals with visual impairments.



iOS & Android 

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