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Align: The Rapid's Transit Improvement Study

Align: The Rapid’s Transit Improvement Study was a year-long project led by The Interurban Transit Partnership (aka The Rapid), which identified, analyzed, and prioritized a set of transit improvements that can be made to the existing bus system to improve the transit experience in Grand Rapids and the surrounding communities. This study took place from June 2017 - June 2018. This study looks for ways to add to and improve the network, recommends land use best practices and other policies to help grow ridership, and determines the improvements the public would like to see for the system.

This study builds upon The Rapid’s previous transit projects, The Silver Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and the Laker Line BRT, to identify opportunities to improve and potentially expand transit service within the urbanized area. The study explores the feasibility of implementing new BRT corridors, constructing infrastructure enhancements to improve bus travel time and reliability statistics, along with introducing amenity enhancements to improve rider comfort at bus stops and improve the visibility of transit in the community.

View the Align Transit Improvement Plan. (15 MB, PDF)