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Transit Worker Appreciation Day 2021

The Rapid Celebrates Transit Worker Appreciation Day on March 18, 2021

Public encouraged to join the celebration by sharing compliments with transit workers.

In honor of National Transit Worker Appreciation Day on March 18, 2021, The Rapid will recognize its entire transportation workforce for its unwavering dedication and resilience. The public is encouraged to join in the celebration by sharing compliments about bus operators and all other transit team members powering The Rapid.   

After an extremely challenging year, it is more important than ever to recognize our public servants who have remained essential to keeping our community moving. Every day, a dedicated team of transit workers comes together to ensure thousands of individuals throughout the community make it safely to work, school, medical appointments, and beyond.  

"It takes a team to keep the community connected and accessible to all. While bus operators may be the hands on the wheel ensuring your bus makes it safely to your destination, technicians keep buses running smoothly, dispatchers guide buses every day, and a team of administrative employees provide the support necessary to ensure our community has safe and reliable public transportation service,” said Deb Prato, The Rapid’s new Chief Executive Officer. “We are seeking positive stories about the impacts of transit workers to be able to share with our team.”

The Rapid encourages the entire community to chime in about the positive impacts of public transportation and the workers that keep buses moving every day. Please share your appreciation by submitting a compliment to be shared with transit workers on this special day.

Commend your favorite bus operator or transit workers by email at , through our information line at 616-776-1100, or comment on The Rapid’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages with the hashtag #transitstrong.