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Silver Line Hero

Improvements to Silver Line to Enhance Customer Experience

Beginning November 15, 2022, Silver Line customers will:

  • Enter through the front doors of all Silver Line buses
  • Pay for their fare on the bus

The Rapid is reintroducing the Silver Line to new and returning customers with on-board fare payments to prepare for contactless payments coming in 2023. The change improves customer experience, avoids expensive equipment replacements, and aligns with how people pay fares on other buses in the system.

As the original ticket vending machines reach their end of life, The Rapid is preparing for convenient payment options onboard the Silver Line buses rather than replacing the expensive equipment. Transactions for fare will look just like the rest of The Rapid’s routes other than the Laker Line. These changes include installing Wave card readers and cash fareboxes onboard. These changes will prepare The Rapid for the contactless fare payment options, including Apple Pay and Google Pay coming in Spring 2023.