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Need Rides on Election Day? The Rapid has you covered!

The Rapid offers bus rides for voters on Election Day

If you need a ride to vote, The Rapid has you covered for your ride to vote and back home again. On November 8, 2022, we'll give you a ride to vote on any of our bus routes. You just need to tell your bus driver you are going to vote or returning home from voting.

We recommend you double-check where you are registered to save you from unnecessary trips.

How to Check Where You Are Registered

  1. On Election Day, you must vote in the precinct where you're registered.
  2. Visit to find where you vote.
  3. Under "Your voter information", select "Where is my polling place?"
  4. Type in your details to look up your voter registration.
  5. Under "Your polling location", the name and address of your precinct are shown

Plan Your Trip and Ride with Us

  1. Now that you have your precinct address, you can plan your trip!
  2. Visit to get transit directions using our trip planner.
  3. When you board the bus, tell your driver "I am going to vote."
  4. We'll take you for a fare-free ride to cast your ballot.
  5. On your return trip, show off your "I VOTED STICKER" and tell your driver "I just voted and need a ride home."