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Canopy Article

Rapid Central Station Canopy Painting Begins June 2, 2021

From June through September, the Rapid Central Station canopy will be undergoing repainting. We appreciate your patience as we work to reroute buses during this project.

The canopy at Rapid Central Station is getting a new coat of paint beginning on Wednesday, June 2.

On Friday, May 28, at Rapid Central Station, you will see us beginning to prepare the area for this large-scale process. This project will be underway through the end of September. During this time, we will have to relocate several routes as we repaint sections of the canopy.

Route locations at Rapid Central Station will move as needed to accommodate the work and best serve our customers. The first sequence from June 2 through July 9 at the northernmost part of the platform impacting Routes 2, 3, 4 & 5.

These routes will be moved to the noted locations during this work sequence.

Canopy Repainting - Sequence One