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The Rapid Offers New Connection to Michigan Turkey Producers

Transit system aims to eliminate workforce barriers for employees of Michigan Turkey.

Beginning May 8, 2023, The Rapid’s Route 8 Prairie/Rivertown will now have two weekday trips serving Michigan Turkey Producers. The addition of these trips is part of The Rapid's efforts to meet the transportation needs of the community and support employment expansion in the region.

“Our diverse workforce represents a large community of people in West Michigan with a wide range of transportation needs,” said MaryAnne McCaffrey, Vice President of Human Resources at Michigan Turkey Producers. “A stop at our location will ensure a safe and reliable commute for our employees.”

Route 8 will have two weekday trips, the first trip departing from Rapid Central Station at 6:45 am and the second trip departing from Michigan Turkey at 4:58 pm. The 6:45 am trip will follow its regular route to Rivertown, continuing to Michigan Turkey Producers on Chicago Drive. The 4:58 pm trip will take a left on Burlingame and travel directly to Michigan Turkey Producers, before returning to Godfrey and then to Rapid Central Station. All previous stops along Route 8 will continue to be served.

Route 8 michigan turkey

"We are dedicated to improving the lives of our community across the six cities by offering reliable transportation options that improve access to employment opportunities and effectively remove barriers,” said Deb Prato, CEO of The Rapid.

Customers using Route 8 can pay their fare using cash, contactless payment, or The Rapid's Wave card. With the Wave card or contactless payment, customers can enjoy a maximum fare of $3.50 per day and receive free transfers within one hour and 45 minutes. Customers paying with cash will need to pay for transfers. Adult Wave cards can be conveniently purchased online at

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