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May Mobility Shuttle

May Mobility Shuttles Begin Free Service on July 26, 2019 on DASH West Route

The Grand Rapids Autonomous Vehicle Initiative will begin their pilot with May Mobility on Friday, July 26, 2019.

Beginning on Friday, July 26, 2019, the Grand Rapids Autonomous Vehicle Initiative (AVGR) is bringing four electric shuttles to the DASH West route. The six-seat shuttles are self-driving, however, they’ll always have a “driver” when they’re on our streets.

What is an autonomous vehicle?

  • An autonomous vehicle is a vehicle that can navigate itself without human conduction.
  • Autonomous vehicles are more commonly known as self-driving vehicles

Who is May Mobility?

  • May Mobility is an Ann Arbor, Michigan – based company focusing on safe, reliable and accessible transportation services.

How much does a ride on one of these shuttles cost?

  • These shuttles are free just like DASH!

What routing will these shuttles use?

  •  The shuttles will follow the existing DASH West route 

When will these shuttles be running? 

  • Tuesday – Friday 7 am – 7 pm • Saturday – 10 am – 7 pm

Are these shuttles accessible? 

  • The May Mobility vehicles will eventually include a drop-down ramp and be wheelchair accessible. However, this is still in progress.

The goal of this initiative is to understand how autonomous vehicles work in a variety of weather conditions, as well as define accessibility standards for these types of vehicles.

Questions about this initiative? Contact Mobile GR at 616.456.3290 or .


Source: City of Grand Rapids