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GR Citizen Shares Her Experiences on The Rapid

The Rapidian, a local non-profit, citizen-journalism publication, recently featured a story from a Rapid Rider and Citizen Reporter. She discusses her daily experiences riding The Rapid.

Public transportation is the bloodstream of a community. It connects citizens to different neighborhoods, to employment, to local businesses, to places of worship, and to each other. Tens of thousands of people in the Grand Rapids metro region rely on The Rapid everyday. The six city area that The Rapid serves (East Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids, Grandville, Kentwood, Walker, and Wyoming) is extremely diverse, and this diversity is reflected in the people that ride The Rapid.

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In many ways, The Rapid is very similar to our local citizen journalism source, The Rapidian. While The Rapid physically connects us, The Rapidian connects our community online by providing stories about the latest developments in local business, art, culture, politics, opinion, non-profit activity, and much more. It is a great source for very local news provided by volunteer citizen reporters that care enough about their commuinity to take the time to craft stories about opportunities and challeneges in our city and region. On any given day, a new story may be posted that provides a unique perspective on our community that may not have been considered by most people. Similar to stories or conversations that one might hear or have on The Rapid, the dialogue on The Rapidian is equally in tune with real time developments from the most authentic sources.

This week, a wonderful account of a Rapidian reporter's (Gwendolyn Nathan) experience with public transporation was published. Please follow the link below to enjoy this great story:

[EXLINK '541']"People I've Met While Riding The Rapid" from The Rapidian.[/EXLINK]

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