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The Rapid


PASSIf you can't get to The Rapid, The Rapid will come to you.

As conveniently located as bus stops are, getting to the nearest bus stop may be a challenging or long walk for some people. But that's not a problem. Just call PASS—the link to The Rapid, and your destination.

PASS was designed to help you connect with The Rapid buses. If you live more than 1/3 of a mile off a bus line, PASS may be able to pick you up at your curb and deliver you to the nearest bus stop for only $3.00. This fare includes a transfer to the fixed route bus.

You must arrange for a ride at least a day in advance. All PASS vehicles are wheelchair accessible. Service is available seven days a week during the same hours as The Rapid.

Drivers cannot assist passengers to or from the vehicle, so if you need this level of service, please see information on GO!Bus.

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