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The Rapid

Performance Dashboard

The six cities opted to partner with each other to support The Rapid, and The Rapid, in turn, promised to provide a return on that investment, by delivering service as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

We’re committed to being open and transparent to the communities we serve. To that end, the following performance metrics are provided to measure, monitor and manage The Rapid’s activities. The following measures are selected and tracked to gauge the performance of The Rapid over prior periods of time – as well as compare it to similar systems.

This Performance Dashboard, as well as all of The Rapid's monthly and annual performance metrics, are voluntary and proactive practices to enhance efficiency and transparency.

Peer System Comparison:

As part of the 2030 Transit Master Plan, an independent project team was asked to evaluate The Rapid’s performance relative to ten peer systems.  The ten peer systems were selected based on system size and regional demographic characteristics.  Criteria used to choose the peer systems included urban area population and physical size, annual vehicle revenue hours, and annual unlinked passenger trips.  System performance measures were computed for each peer system using annual National Transit Database (NTD) reports.  The selected peer systems were:

  • Akron, Ohio: Metro Regional Transit Authority (Metro)
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan: Ann Arbor Transportation Authority (AATA)
  • Dayton, Ohio: Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority (GDRTA)
  • Flint, Michigan: Mass Transportation Authority (MTA)
  • Lansing, Michigan: Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA)
  • Louisville, Kentucky: Transit Authority of River City (TARC)
  • Madison, Wisconsin: Metro Transit System (Metro)
  • Nashville, Tennessee: Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA)
  • Rochester, New York: Regional Transit Service (R-GRTA)
  • Toledo, Ohio: Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority (TARTA) 


All data is referenced from the National Transit Database (NTD) administered by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). This data is independently audited and verified

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