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The Rapid & The Environment

In so many ways, public transportation has a positive effect on our environment and helps protect the quality of life we enjoy. The Rapid is recognized as a leader in the transit industry by enhancing public transportation's role in sustainability.

By the Numbers - Environmental Benefits of Public Transit

Reduces our dependence on oil

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In the U.S., public transportation saves 4.2 billion gallons of gasoline annually

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In 2014, Americans took 10.8 billion trips on public transportation

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Public transportation saves the equivalent of 900,000 tanks of gas every day

Offers affordable, energy-efficient transportation choices

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By living with one less car, an average public transportation user can see an annual savings of more than $9,900.

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Residents living near public transportation drive an average of 4,400 fewer miles annually compared to those who have no access to public transit.

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The average household in which at least one member uses public transportation on a given day drives 16 fewer miles per day compared to a household that does not use public transportation.

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Expanded public transit strategies coordinated with combining travel activity, land use development, and operational efficiencies are estimated to save as much as $112 billion as compared to annual savings in vehicle costs to consumers.

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A greater use of public transportation offers the most effective strategy available for achieving significant energy savings and environmental gains without imposing new government mandates or regulations on industry or consumers.

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For every passenger mile traveled, public transportation produces only a fraction of the harmful pollution of private vehicles; only 5 percent as much carbon monoxide, less than 8 percent as many volatile organic compounds, and nearly half as much carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides.

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Public transportation is reducing emissions of carbon monoxide (CO) by nearly 745,000 tons annually. This equals nearly 75 percent of the CO emissions by all U.S. chemical manufacturers.

Source: American Public Transportation Association (APTA)