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The Rapid

Alerts & Detours

  •  Adjustments to Route 3 will begin May 5.

    SOUTHBOUND:  Central Station on to Cherry than right on Jefferson to regular route.

    SOUTHBOUND:  At the end of it's route on Roger B. Chaffee it will continue futher south, turning on the last turn around before 44th Street to head northbound.  Several new stops will be located on Roger B. Chaffee south of 36th Street.

  • Detour Route 3 -Northbound Only.

    NORTHBOUND:  Jefferson then left on Wealthy, right on LaGrave, right on Maple, left on Jefferson to regular route. 

  • Temporary Detour on Route 9, beginning April 28.

    NORTHBOUND:  Pearl then left on Monroe, right on Fulton and right on Seward to regular route.

    SOUTHBOUND:  Seward then left on Fulton, left on Monroe, right on Pearl to regular route.

  •  Temporary Detour Route 15, Saturday, April, 26, 8:00am - 5:00pm.

    EASTBOUND:  Leonard then left on Leffingwell and right on Knapp to regular route.

    WESTBOUND:  Knapp then left on Leffingwell, right on Leonard to regular route.

  • Route 44 W/B - New terminal location for Route 44 Crosstown at Grandville Walmart

    44th to Kenowa, left on Kenowa to third drive into Walmart, pull along building to the bus stop near the front corner of the building. 

  • New routing for Route 50.

    WESTBOUND:  Lake Michigan Dr. then left on Seward, right on Fulton to regular route.

    EASTBOUND:  Fulton then left on Seward and right on Lake Michigan Dr. to regular route.

  •  GVSU Summer Schedule begins May 5.

  •  Temporary Detour Route 50-Eastbound Only, beginning April 28.

    EASTBOUND:  Fulton then left on Mt. Vernon, right on Front, right on Pearl to regular route.

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