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The Rapid

Transit Information From Other Markets

There's a world of public transportation outside of Greater Grand Rapids. We can watch, listen and learn something from other systems, cities and communities, organizations, etc. Regardless, its an intriguing conversation worth watching.

  • Division Avenue Bus Rapid Transit: Full Steam Ahead!
    Michigan's First BRT Is On The Way

    Federal Transit Administration officials came to The Rapid last week to formally dedicate full funding to the first BRT line in Michigan.

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  • GR Citizen Shares Her Experiences on The Rapid
    "People I've Met While Riding The Rapid" featured in The Rapidian

    The Rapidian, a local non-profit, citizen-journalism publication, recently featured a story from a Rapid Rider and Citizen Reporter. She discusses her daily experiences riding The Rapid.

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  • Presidential Budget Recommendation Includes $14.7 Million for the SilverLine

    U.S. Secretary of Transportation Recommends $2.1 Billion in Transportation Infrastructure Funding

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  • US Secretary of Transportation Visits The Rapid
    Wealthy Operations Center Project Complete

    US Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood, visited The Rapid on Saturday, January 28, 2012 to "cut the ribbon" on the remodeled and renovated Wealthy Operations Center.

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  • Stories of Celebrated Service (via Celebration Cinema)

    We're always proud of our drivers for their great service, great driving, and for being our first point of contact with riders. Whenever we get a chance to share a great story from a passenger, we're happy to do it. This time, in addition to a big "thank you" to our drivers, we'd like to express our gratitude to Celebration Cinema for providing a place for great stories li...

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  • U.S. Deputy Secretary of Transportation Visits Grand Rapids

    Deputy Secretary of Transportation John D. Porcari visited Grand Rapids, Michigan and made two key stops. His first stop was a visit to American Seating where he held a press conference.

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  • Transit Master Plan's First Focus is on Improving Rider Convenience

    The Following was pulled from a section of the Rapid Reporter Spring_2011. Rapid Reporters are located on the right side of The Rapid's News page from The Rapid Reporter, Spring 2011 Longer service hours, better frequency, more weekend service, and new routes are proposed. Last July, The Rapid Board of Directors unanimously adopted a new Transit Master Plan for The ...

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  • Do Roads Pay for Themselves?

    Setting the Record Straight on Transportation Funding U.S. PIRG Education Fund | January 2011 Tony Dutzik and Benjamin Davis | Frontier Group Phineas Baxandall, Ph.D. | U.S. PIRG Education Fund Highway advocates often claim that roads “pay for themselves,” with gasoline taxes and other charges to motorists covering—or nearly covering—the full cost of...

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  • No Such Thing As Free Parking

    The first nationwide count of parking spaces demonstrates their high environmental cost. Dec 8, 2010 By Eric Betz, ISNS Contributor Inside Science News Service WASHINGTON (ISNS) -- Next time you're searching for a parking space and someone grabs a spot from right in front of you, it might seem like the last space left on Earth, but ponder this: there are at least 500 ...

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  • Wind Power for New Bus Operations Center

    New bus operations center in Grand Rapids to use wind turbines to generate energy By Kyla King | The Grand Rapids Press The Rapid mass transit bus system is set to unleash the power of the wind. The Grand Rapids agency plans to buy six roof-top wind turbines to help power its expanded operations center and bus garage, which is currently under construction on Wealthy...

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