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The Rapid

Division Avenue Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project (Silver Line)

After Years of Planning and Input, It's Finally Here

The planning process for the Division Avenue Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project began over a decade ago. Now, with the help of local citizens, advocates, contractors, and experts, The Rapid will begin construction on the first BRT line in Michigan in April 2013.

A total of 33 stations will be built spanning the three cities of Grand Rapids, Kentwood, and Wyoming. Construction will be finished in the summer of 2014, with service scheduled to begin in August 2014.

Bus Rapid Transit has a proven record in the United States and around the world of providing a fast, convenient travel option, while simulatneously stimulating economic development.

This webpage is your resource for all things BRT, so please check back frequently for updates and progress reports. On the associated pages you'll find visual renderings of BRT stations, the route map, streetscape plans, offical documentation, downloadable materials, and other resources.

For more information:

The staff at The Rapid and the construction team are committed to being available to anyone with questions, concerns, or suggestions about the project. A dedicated email address has been created specifically for feedback on this project, so please feel free to send questions, comments, and concerns to . In addition, please feel free to call our dedicated BRT phone line at 616-774-1298 and leave a message with questions, concerns, or comments. Your call will be returned within 48 hours.

Please feel free to contact the team members below at anytime:

Conrad Venema - The Rapid
Strategic Planning Manager
BRT Project Manager
616-456-7514 x 1191

Michael Bulthuis - The Rapid
Public Outreach Coordinator
616-456-7514 x 1161

Zach Bosma - Christman Construction
Construction Manager

BRT Questions & Comments

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